Tep Rindaro remains outstanding as movie star after twenty years in the industry

PHNOM PENH (Cambodia Herald) – Movie star Tep Rindaro is in the hearts of all Khmer people. He is renowned not only in Cambodian society but also on the international stage as an outstandingly talented performer with more than 20 years experience and who still maintains his position as a highly gifted celebrity.
Now nearly 50, his partner Ampor Tevy has left the Cambodian entertainment industry for the United States. Yet there are many actresses of the next generation to take her place, notably Sveng Socheata, Nhim Chanthorn and singer Him Sophy.
Tep Rindaro joined the entertainment industry in 1987 and has been cast in hundreds of large-scale films and small-scale videos. He has also appeared in many films from stories written by former King Norodom Sihanouk, notably “The Temple in the Middle of the Forest” in which he played an influential lieutenant general.
He has received honors from the King Father and King Norodom Sihamoni as well as the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. He has also performed abroad before Cambodians living in France, Australia, America, China, Korea and other countries.
“In mid-February of 2012, I won the Empire of Star Award, and then in mid-April I was appointed as a three-star lieutenant general — but not a real military officer. It’s just a position in the movie “Ponlok Sne Kbe Cheay Den” (Sprout of Love near the Border) which has been filming since mid-March. The position was offered by the film director, not the government,” Tep Rindaro told Cambodia Express News (CEN), an affiliate of The Cambodia Herald.
Some speculate, however, that the appointment may be real as he studied to be a pilot in the Soviet Union and Vietnam for many years before becoming an actor.
Tep Rindaro laughs at the suggestion. “I only have the ability to serve people and culture as an actor and have never been a soldier serving the nation before. So how could I become a lieutenant general?”I dare not think of it. But I can be a lieutenant general in the film as it’s entertainment.”The ten-episode “Ponlok Sne Kne Cheay Den” will soon be screened on Bayon TV.