Senior opposition figure accuses China of exploiting and cheating Cambodians

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) — A senior member of the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party has accused China of exploiting and cheating Cambodians, according to the latest issue of Southeast Asia Globe.

“We appreciate America a lot,” Son Chhay reportedly told the monthly magazine. “The country that has assisted Cambodia in moving forward with democracy is the US. 

“In contrast, the Chinese are quite different. We have never had a good, beneficial relationship with China. 


“China doesn’t support our economic achievements. They are just exploiting us. They are interested in our resources – look at our forests, they have cut down all of our trees – and they have cheated us on all of these loans.

“They are willing to supply loans for roads, bridges and hydro dams, but they must go through Chinese companies, who multiply the real cost so they can make huge profits.” 

Son Chhay reportedly added that Cambodia “cannot afford to have China exploiting us and, at the same time, taking away our independence and our economic future.”