Cambodian Prime Minister gets less than USD 1,000 per month

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) — The government has readjusted the salary rate of the government officials, starting from undersecretary of state. Prime Minister’s salary is 3,675,000 Riels, which is equal to about 918 U.S. dollars, according to a sub-degree.

The Cambodian government has decided to make a new salary chart of the government officials, which will not split the mission bills such as renting house, water and electric bills, and other bills. 

Prime Minister gets salary and other allowances equal to 3,675,000 Riels about USD 918 while Deputy Prime Minister gets 2,800,000 Riels or about USD 700.

A Senior Minister gets 2,450,000 Riels about USD 612 while a Minister gets 2,100,000 Riels about USD 525.

A Secretary of state gets 1,750,000 about USD 437 while undersecretary of state gets 1,400,000 Riels about USD 350.