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Baby Skin Rash Common Skin Rashes in Babies

Published: 24-Feb-12 08:12PM

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Baby skin rash
Baby skin rash


Babies can have it tough sometimes especially when it comes to skin rashes. Here are some common types of rashes that occur in babies and some ideas for treatment.

Cradle cap:  This type of rash manifests itself in the form of yellow flaky skin which is greasy to the touch. It occurs on the scalp of the baby. There will also be some pimple like formations along with these flakes. Try an application of Emu Oil or baby oil at least 20-30 minutes before baby’s bath. Then gently wash off flakes using baby shampoo or Emu Oil Shampoo.

Heat rash:  This is another common set of skin rashes which happen because of heat buildup in the baby’s body. These occur around the armpits, face, neck, back and chest regions. Usually application of calamine lotion or baby powder will help remove these rashes although dusting corn starch on the area will also remove itchiness.

Nappy rash:  This is one of the commonest skin rashes in babies. When the nappy is not changed frequently rashes occur from ammonia which gets released from the dirt in the nappy. The rash happens around the genital regions, buttocks, upper thighs etc. Keep nappy dry and clean and make sure to change diapers and clothing frequently.

Infantile eczema:  This starts out as dull and flaky skin on the baby’s cheeks and may manifest itself on the legs, arms trunk, head etc. This is not one of the contagious skin rashes and can be alleviated by washing the area with hypoallergenic soap and application of moisturizer later. Emu Oil is especially effective for eczema.  

Urticaria:  These types of skin rashes are also called hives. These are raised portions that are pink or red in color and are warm and itchy. It is usually triggered from chocolate, eggs, coloring, shellfish, preservatives in foods etc.  

HFMD or hand foot and mouth disease:  These are raised or flattened reddish spots present on soles and palms. These rashes can happen on the buttocks as well. It looks like a chickenpox rash but will not itch. It soon spreads to tongue, gums, cheeks etc. and can soon become bad sores. Plenty of liquids need to be taken to alleviate the condition.   Thrush:  This type of rash is caused by fungal infections. It occurs in the diaper region as a reddish raised area. It begins as white patches along the mouth and spreads all over the tongue quickly.  

An effective solution for baby rash is Emu Oil or Emu Oil products.  Emu Oil has been used in Australia for thousands of years to treat skin problems – rashes, scars, eczema, inflammation and flaking.  Emu Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and has been proven effective at healing skin rashes. 

Though rarely seen, some infants and babies may be sensitive to Emu Oil, so you should should spot treat to ensure effectiveness and safety. For severe skin problems for your baby, consult a dermatologist or your pediatrician.

Shop online at SkinEnergizer for effective products for Baby Skin Care. SkinEnergizer carries targeted skin care solutions – anti wrinkle, anti aging, acne, antioxidants, sunburn relief and Emu Oil for skin rashes, inflammation, eczema and flaking.

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