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Unions threaten strike if minimum wage not raised to $150

Published: 02-Jan-13 11:00AM

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Give our kids a better deal
Yang Sophorn, President of Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions.


PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) - The Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions has threatened a general strike if minimum wages are not raised from $61 to $150 a month.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the alliance welcomed a promise by Social Affairs Minister Ith Sam Heng to discuss wage increases for clothing and footwear workers.

"But the statement didn’t set a date for discussions," alliance president Yang Sophorn said. "If there is no discussion for wage increases in early 2013 or the wages don’t reach $150, the Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions with the Cambodian Confederation of Unions led by Rong Chhun and other unions will conduct a general strike on International Labour Day on May 1."

On Monday, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation urged clothing and footwear workers to keep working pending salary negotiations following a protest Sunday led by Rong Chhun and Yang Sophorn.

Basic salaries of clothing and footwear workers are currently $61 a month. Cambodia's 400 garment factories employ about 400,000 workers, mostly women.

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