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Pek Mi, Neang KChung, join Town Production Company

Published: 24-Mar-13 08:22AM

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Give our kids a better deal
Pek Mi

Give our kids a better deal
Sreng Sokanda


PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- CTN comedy duo of Chem Chandara, or Pek Mi and Sreng Sokanda, better known as Neang Kchung, joined Town Production Company and will be releasing their first album to coincide with Cambodian New Year.

The comedians have been very successful and are well-known in the entertainment industry for their ability to sing and act.

He was lucky to have another career within the industry, he told the latest issue of Angkor Thom magazine.

"I have made four songs for Cambodian New Year. It's a good chance for me because the production owner values my talents," he said.

Neang Kchung, dreams of becoming a singer for big production company has come true.

"I never thought I could be a singer because singers need to be beautiful and have a good voice but now it's my turn," she said. "The dream came true even though I'm just a comedian."

Town Production's assistant, Yim Tasrong, said the two comedians were very talented.

"We are preparing more songs for them, and they are now members of Town Productions," he said.
"They are talented and also famous. We want that kind of people in our company."

Pek Mi and Neang Kchung used to be former candidates for the CTN Comedian competition in 2009.

Pek Mi was a construction worker before he applied for the competition.

The duo have made several movies together and they are gaining more recognition and fans.

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