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Parliament issues list of components in fifth legislature

Published: 24-Sep-13 04:44PM

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PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- The National Assembly on Tuesday has issued the list names of chairman, vice-chairman and commission chairman in the National Assembly.

Here are the list of the National Assembly's components in fifth mandate:
-- Heng Samrin, National Assembly chairman.
-- Nguon Nhil, National Assembly’s first vice-chairman.
-- Khuon Sodary, National Assembly’s second vice-chairman.

The chairmen of the National Assembly’s nine commissions are:
1- Nhem Thavy, Chairman of Commission on Human Rights, Complaints, Investigation, and National Assembly-Senate Relations.
2- Cheam Yeap, Chairman of Commission on Economics, Finance, Banking and Auditing.
3- Mok Mareth, Chairman of Commission on Planning, Investment, Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment, and Water Resources.
4- Hun Neng, Chairman of Commission on Interior, National Defense, Investigation, Anti-Corruption, and Civil Service Administration
5- Chheang Vong, Chairman of Commission Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, Information, and Media.
6- Pen Panha- Chairman of Commission on Legislation, and Justice.
7- Pom Chim Hoy, Chairman of Commission on Education, Youth, Sport, Religious Affairs, Culture and Tourism.
8- Ho Non, Chairman of Commission on Health Care, Social & Veterans' Affairs, Youth Rehabilitation, Labor, Vocational Training & Women's Affairs
9- Nin Saphon, Chairman of Public Works, Transport, Telecommunication, Post, Industry, Mines, Energy, Commerce, Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction

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