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New lineup at CPP Politburo following death of Chea Soth

Published: 24-Jan-12 10:03AM

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PHNOM PENH (Cambodia Herald) - The Politburo of the ruling Cambodian People's Party now has 34 members following the weekend death of eighth-ranked Chea Soth, who was dean of the National Assembly. The 84-year-old veteran of the Khmer People's Revolutionary Party, who died on Saturday, is the first Politburo member to die since National Police Chief Hok Lundy. He was ranked 20th and died in a helicopter accident in heavy rain in November, 2008 at which time the Politburo had 35 members.

The eighth-ranked member is now Defense Minister Tea Banh, also a deputy prime minister, followed by National Assembly-Senate Relations and Inspection Minister Men Sam An, who is also the permanent deputy prime minister. Ranked tenth is Nguon Ngel, the second vice president of the National Assembly after first vice president Say Chhum.

The new 34-member Politburo now comprises 14 members of government, 11 parliamentarians (eight from the National Assembly and three from the Senate), four members of the military and one each from the Royal Palace, the Supreme Council of Magistracy, the National Bank of Cambodia, the Constitutional Council and the police.

According to CPP sources, the new lineup of the Politburo, also known as the Permanent Committee of the Central Committee, is now as follows:

   1. Samdech Chairman Chea Sim (Senate)
   2. Samdech Vice Chairman Hun Sen (Government)
   3. Samdech Honorary Chairman Heng Samrin (National Assembly)
   4. H.E. Sar Kheng (Government)
   5. H.E. Politburo Standing Committee Chairman Say Chhum (National Assembly)
   6. H.E. Say Phouthang (Military)
   7. H.E. Bou Thang (National Assembly)
   8. H.E. Tea Banh  (Government)
   9. Lokchumteav Men Sam An (Government)
  10. H.E. Nguon Nhel (National Assembly)
  11. H.E. Ney Pena (National Assembly)
  12. H.E. Sim Ka (Senate)
  13. H.E. Ke Kim Yan (Government)
  14. H.E. Pol Saroeun (Military)
  15. Samdech Kong Som Ol (Royal Palace)
  16. H.E. Sok An (Government)
  17. H.E. Im Chhun Lim (Government)
  18. H.E. Dith Munty (Supreme Council of Magistracy)
  19. H.E. Chea Chanto (National Bank of Cambodia)
  20. H.E. Uk Rabun (Government)
  21. H.E. Cheam Yeap (National Assembly)
  22. H.E. Ek Sam Ol (Constitutional Council)
  23. Lokchumteav Som Kim Suor (Government)
  24. Lokchumteav Khuon Sudary (National Assembly)
  25. H.E. Pen Pannha (National Assembly)
  26. H.E. Chhay Than (Government)
  27. H.E. Hor Nam Hong (Government)
  28. H.E. Bin Chhin (Government)
  29. H.E. Keat Chhon (Government)
  30. H.E. Yim Chhay Ly (Government)
  31. H.E. Tep Ngorn (Senate)
  32. H.E. Kun Kim (Military)
  33. H.E. Meas Sophea (Military)
  34. H.E. Neth Savouern (Police)

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