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Government takes back Veng Sreng Under control, drivers no longer pay

Published: 28-Dec-15 06:30PM

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            PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald)—Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday announced that government has decided to take back Veng Sreng street from a local company following there are a lot of complaints from people for paying to use the street.

             Veng Sreng street lying on 6.5 kilometer built by a local Tollway company under Built-on-Transfer contract for 30-year. The company widened the thoroughfare to 28 meters, with 19.5 meters of that paved and a 2.5-meter cement area in the center with more than $10.5 million.
             The company started officially charged drivers since 1st December while the family cars were charged 1,100 riel for one-time passing through, but this morning it completely stops taking money from drivers.
             Prime Minister Hun Sen, there are about 300 family vehicles belonged to those living along the Veng Sreng street and ordered the city hall to give back money to any people who paid money for having stickers to put on their vehicles for monthly payment.
             At the occasion of offering degrees for graduated students at Koh Pich Hall, Hun Sen calls for the garment factories and other firm used to pay for toll to keep those saving to for increasing wages for employees or at least to hold party for them.
             He defended that the decision to take over the Veng Sreng to place under government’s management is the right decision.
             “It’s a sudden decision-making but I think it’s the right decision-making,” he said of decision to get back Veng Sreng street from Tollway company.
             Hun Sen said that he contacted Phnom Penh municipal governor Pa Socheatvong and Finance Minister Aun Poanmonyroth about his decision to stop contract with the company.
             “The factories benefits from this shall save the money to improve livelihood for garment workers working for them or at lease saving these money for holding party on 1st May annually if it cannot use these money for increasing wages for them,” he added.


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