CNRP to commemorate 1997 grenade attack

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) will hold a vigil ceremony on 30 March to commemorate spirit of victims killed in grenade attack 18 years ago, according to its press release on Friday.

The attack on 30 March 1997 killed at least 16 people and wounded over 100 when unidentified men threw grenades at a crowd who were gathering in a park across the street from the former National Assembly building to protest the judiciary’s lack …



What is aggression? The question Abe seems incapable of answering

Published: 28-Mar-15 02:34PM, By

TOKYO (Xinhua) -- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe talked glowingly and proudly of his country's new security legislation in a recent interview, ...

The mirror that is Singapore

Published: 27-Mar-15 09:19AM, By Randy David

MANILA (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) -- When we Filipinos talk about Singapore, it is nearly always in the context of a broader discussion of wha...


Cambodia delivers first verdict on human organ trafficking

Published: 27-Mar-15 02:51PM

PHNOM PENH (Xinhua) -- The Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Friday convicted three Cambodians of kidney trafficking and sentenced them between 10 and 15 years in jail, the first time the country delivered a verdict on human organ trafficking.

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Woman who removed fetus from mother faces 100 years in prison

Published: 28-Mar-15 02:37PM

LONGMONT, the United States (Xinhua) -- The Colorado woman accused of stabbing a pregnant woman and removing her 7-month-old fetus was charged Friday with eight counts of felony and faces potentially more than 100 years in prison.

Dynel Lane, 34, however, was not charged in the death of the fetus. Charges include attempted murder and the unlawful t...

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5 Types of Friends You Need to Ditch

Published: 26-Mar-15 09:32AM


(News Health) -- With the end of winter (supposedly) here, now’s a good time to spring clean your...


K-pop star Se7en and YG to part ways

Published: 26-Feb-15 03:53PM


[The Korea Herald]
It has been reported that popular K-pop singer Se7en will not be returning ...

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